Friday, October 30, 2009

What did I win?

Here is a picture of the door prize table. I meant to get close ups of all the items, but...well, you know how those things go.

(If you click the picture to make it larger, you can just about make out everything.)

I just wanted to give you highlights on some of the cool items that I got from my fellow bloggers. I figure that I rather spend money supporting someone creating art that just run the Spirit or some other Halloween store and give them money on over priced plastic :D

There were two ceramic pumpkins from ShellHawk.

Two (signed) Brains Vs. Coffee books from Ghoul Friday.

Two Skulls books from Skull A Day

Two custom made Davis Graveyard logo bottle top necklaces from Good Mourning Glory. (I had lots of people ask me where they can get those. I will have to work with Diane to see if she can make them to order.)

Two pumpkins from Pumpkin Hollow.

A print from Chris at SpookyCK (I framed it in a cool gold antiqued looked fabulous!)

Two Hello Kitty Voodoo dolls from the lovely and terribly funny Babbling Banshee.

Two different CDs from Midnight Syndicate (great guys! Always willing to support them.)

One of my vendors donated a Davis Graveyard logo'd backpack - I believe that went first :)

One Tiny Tim skeleton and a pair of hands from Jeff Nix and The Skeleton Store.

I also had some Davis Graveyard Jones Soda and Davis Graveyard travel mugs, along with a few store bought items I picked up.

Oh, and I even offered a couple of the Voodoo dolls I had left over from my trip to New Orleans!!

I have to say that the handmade gifts went over well. I was not sure how my crowd would go for them ......I thought maybe they would be too refined .....I mean I have had them on a diet of annoying cheap plastic stuff for years.....but I am happy to say that everyone loved them. Very cool, next year, all handcrafted pieces for the door prizes.


  1. What a amazing collection of Halloween treasures! I don't know how you were able to part with them.
    The smell of death is in the air; the celebration is near... Positive vibes to you and yours this Halloween!

  2. ahhhhh MENTAL note... door prize table to add to our event next year... LOVE that idea... how do you pick your winners?

  3. Hello All
    Jeff Nix here with

    We're happy to participate with these sorts of fun events,
    Email as needed to us at

    Jeff Nix

  4. Full Moon - it was hard, I really wanted to keep a couple of those for myself :)

    All Together Dead - I used the same numbers that were on their laminates for Graveyard Bingo. Works great!

    Jeff, thanks, I will remember that next time!!! Thanks for always supporting our events. See you at Hauntcon.




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