Friday, October 16, 2009

I told it from

the scarecrow's point of view. So here he is, inspired (heavily) from the awesome Grimvision's scarecrow head.

He is not done, but I thought I would give you a look at how unorganized my prop making ideas are. :) Now that I have the bulk of it is where I am at.

One very important thing that I do every year is take pictures of the props as soon as they are in the yard and then watch them in a slide show on the TV. This gives me a new perspective of the prop, I notice little things (flaws) I do not notice when I am looking at them in the yard. I then make notes and head out into the yard do make adjustments.

This is a perfect example....I see many things that need to be changed.

I knew that I wanted him to be traditional body, but now that I have attached the head, I am not lovin' the combination. Too late to change it this year, so I will file all my notes for Scarecrow '10. Likely two scarecrows next year :)

I have a few changes to the hat that I will tackle this weekend. The brim is too wide and covers his face, I am going to do some seriously work with scissors and utility knife and some thin wire woven through the hat to hold it up and out of his face.

The hat leaves his head every time the wind blows so I am going to nail it to his head. Literally, I am going to find some old square nails (we have a vintage home improvement store in my area) and hammer them into his head. Not sure how that fits in the story, but I like the idea.

Since this is in the back yard (where no one can see it), there is a chance I might do the same with his arms with railroad stakes. Yes, I know what that will look like, but I don't care. My display - don't look if you don't like it.

I am debating on whether or not to take the ribcage out (or parts) of a Bart and put it in the chest and have part of it show through the shirt by the neck and one of the sides......might try it and see what happens.

He definitely needs a bit more bulk...

I did some work with watered down black and brown paint on the clothing, but now that the prop is good and wet (been raining all week) and am going to back out to finish aging it. The paint absorbs into wet fabric for more of that dirty clothing look rather than I just painted it look :)

Husband being a programmer....I would call these pictures the beta version - version 1.0 will be released next week :)

Happy now husband? :D


  1. Well, I like the head... that's the most scary part!!! but the thing with the ribs sounds realy cool!!!

  2. You might try cinching his waist as well. He does need more definition, but there's something nice about the 'withered away' effect.

  3. Ah, thanks GF - When I saw him up I was wondering if I wanted that withered look? Not what I was going for originally...but I definitely was intrigued when I saw it.

    When I put the rib cage in I will cinch the waist with a bit of rope! See how I like it. Good idea.


  4. *sigh* I give up.

  5. As one coastal dweller to another, nailing hats to props' heads is very effective. Saves time chasing hats around the neighbourhood :)

  6. I love his face, very cool.

    With the arms, instead of staking him perhaps you could use rope to tie his arms in place. Although personally I like the staking thing.

  7. I love him, but have to agree with Judith, the added ribs will only make for more awesomeness!


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