Thursday, October 1, 2009

Here comes Santa Claus

(I know, you are now all thinking .....countdown to Halloween oh frog queen....wrong holiday!)

Well, my cats love October too, you see, we get a lot of packages this time of year, all kinds of goodies are coming in for the display, solid state video players (husband's latest obsession), industrial hot glue guns, moss (thanks my blog buddies), electronic parts, prop controllers, skeletons and parts of skeletons....oh and lovely smelling candles, just to name a few and all these packages inadvertently contain cat toys.

Paper packing is their favorite.....they unravel that stuff and push it all around on the wood floors.

Of course and string or ribbon is kitty heaven, especially if you can convince a human to drag it along the floor or wave it in the air.

Packing peanuts stick to cats fur, just in case you did not know.

Then, there is the box. No matter the size or shape, shallow or deep, one or more cats will try to sleep in it. If it has bubble wrap in it, all the better, makes for a softer bed.

Ever see a 12lb cat fit in a 4x4x4 box? It is hysterical.

Which brings me to my point....yes, I do have one.

So if October is kinda like Christmas to them, this makes ShellHawk their Santa Claus.

The other day she sent me a few pumpkins that I ordered from her for door prizes for our party. (I know, makes you want to come to my party doesn't it?)

Here is how the box was addressed.

The cats wanted me to thank her for being so aware as to actually address the box to them also, since, it and likely all its contents, will be theirs anyway :)

Did you catch the warning message? : D After she tried to give me a heart attack with her last shipment, she was kind enough to warn (in several languages no thoughtful is that!) me of the impending horror that lies within the packing tape and cardboard!

Well apparently my cats can read cause they were lined up at on my desk while I opened the box, it was, after all addressed to them as well, and the last batch of plastic spiders are long gone by now...likely under the sofa or the mom, hurry up and open the damn box already! :D

Well, I knew they were there, those plastic spider minions from hell.....but it didn't help that she put a whole mess of them in the base of the largest pumpkin. Yikes! I made husband take them out.

I think ShellHawk soaks them in catnip or something because all three cats took off with a spider. Which left me with one lone spider sitting on my desk....oh hell no, away you go you little black devil! I learned that since it has long legs that prop it up and make it extra creepy looking..... if you press down on its body it will launch the devil across the room....away from me. Perfect. I am done with the spiders!

Well, Dorie saw that flying plastic devil spider and thinks that is the greatest thing she has ever seen! Do that again mom!!!

She looks at the spider that landed on the ground and then looks at me. She does this a few times until I (the very well trained human) get out of my chair and pick up the spiders and proceed to launch them across the room at her. Happy, happy cat! Great, she wants me to stay home from work and just toss spiders around for her.....thanks ShellHawk, thanks a lot! :D

Well, after about 5 minutes of playing she is done and needs a nap, and where do you imagine she would sleep? You guessed it, in the box she goes. You will see her here glaring at me because I woke her up to take this picture :)

So my cats now think that ShellHawk is Santa - cause she sends them the best presents!!


  1. Kitty Christmas! Boxes, packing stuff, and plastic spiders really are kitty heaven.

    I think Miss Cindi Lou would love a plastic spider, gotta find a good one.


  2. Cindi Lou should order a pumpkin...

    F.Q.- I'm glad I warned you this time! Thanks for sharing your bounty with your furry family!

  3. Thats too funny, I have the same problem with the kid, whenever daddy gets a big box, she turns it into her new playhouse =D


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