Thursday, October 15, 2009

Well, it's too late now...

funny pictures of cats with captions
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  1. i just printed this out and i'm going to hang it over my cat's litter box. hopefully she'll get inspired:)

  2. I'm almost afraid to check my cat's litter box, we have had a couple of mysterious disappearances in our neighborhood recently. Oh my!

  3. this is hilarious!! thanks for the humor!

  4. Never underestimate the felines...especially the black ones. We hadn't been paying attention to what Coventina does on our patio by the pool for awhile. She likes to be let out there during the day. Well when my husband went out to sweep the patio, he found a veritable graveyard. A lizard grave yard to be exact. In one area behind the couch was a large number of dead lizard carcasses. Apparently, she has finally learned the hard way not to eat them, lest she get very ill. But apparently that hasn't stopped her thirst for killing. Be afraid of very afraid! :o)

  5. Popping in to wish you a VONDERFUL weekend.

    Chris (-:



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