Wednesday, October 7, 2009

They are ruining

my horror movie!!

About a month ago on a particularly dreary day, walking through the mostly abandoned office I was inspired by my surroundings to write

this post.

Seemed like the start of my own low budget slasher film.

I looked at my end of the building differently after that, thinking about how quiet is was and planning out how the story would unfold.

I knew something was up last week when they started painting the offices.

This past Monday, the whole side of the building, now has the lights on is ......full of .....gasp!


and happy, chatty people at that!

They are totally ruining my story line.

See in the version I was writing...I was the one that was going to get it will likely be the typical slasher movie where the killer (the frog queen's new role) picks off co-workers, oops, I mean people one by one.

If you work on this side of the office, you might want to stay on the frog queen's good side.....or you will end up in chapter one :D


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