Monday, October 26, 2009

The cause of the problem

that involved the police was our big screen....which is actually, as you can tell from this just a white sheet. We put a projector in the garage and show old horror movies during the party...until we start the singalongs.

Which this year included:

Stephen Lynch’s Halloween

Storm Large’s 8 MILES WIDE from her hit one woman show Crazy Enough

Just in case here are some of the Dr Horrible Songs too. '

The song in question, which now that we think about it should have been the first song on the list, was the Storm Large song "My Vagina is Eight Miles Wide"

Funny song from her one woman musical that she did her for 3 sold out months....I hear that it is on it's way to New York later this year. We wish her good luck!



  1. Lol well that solves that, the ol conservative neighbors are the likeliest culprits..

  2. yes perhaps that would warrant a visit from the local police department... we didn't get the police but we got the fire department, luckily for me, the fire marshall was a guest at my party, so the visiting "reddie" had a drink and wished us luck on the remainder of the evening.

  3. Now who wouldn't appreciate that song!?


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