Monday, October 5, 2009

I hear that it was quite

an impressive nest in the Vinca that we discovered when we were setting up the yard.

Actually I should say someone else discovered because I was not there, I was off helping someone else with their yard set up ;)

It appears we had a large yellow jacket nest....yikes. After spiders, and then needles, I hate flying stinging insects - bastards they are!!

They had eaten quite a big hole in the Vinca (periwinkle) and had build a good sized home...just waiting to sting the poor unsuspecting helper at the Davis Graveyard. :(

Poor Maria was helping us by putting the crosses into the sloping hill and discovered the nest. Unfortunately she got one else did...but one sting is one sting too many in my book.

Scary, scary!!!


  1. Ouch! Scarier than bats, in my book!

  2. Yellowjackets are nasty (just ask Janet Van Dyne) but Japan has the suzume bachi or Sparrow-wasp that is even nastier!

  3. Thoes bugs are OUT TO GET YOU!!!!


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