Saturday, October 24, 2009

I am not making this up

The other night husband and I were eating dinner and my crazy Dorie cat hops up on the buffet behind my chair and crawls into this space between the top of the cook books and the next shelf and wedges herself in there.

"Dorie, what are you doing?" (that is her full name)

She blinks at me and rolls on her back with her paws up and when I go to remove her she becomes what we like to call "sharp on five ends" and will not let me get her out of there without blood loss.

Fine, just don't cause any problems, little demon cat.

Anyway, back to eating and I hear this sound....I know exactly what it is. You have got to be frinkin' kidding me!! Seriously, you didn't just......

Let me back up a bit.....You see, I bought some pumpkin cookies the other day and I wanted them in my Halloween cookie dome, so I removed the lovely pumpkin I got from Pumpkin Hollow who was residing in there for safety and put him a few shelves up on the buffet.

Foolishly thinking...."No cat can reach that."

I think the problem started, as most of mine do, at the "thinking" part :D

So that sound I heard is my Dorie cat, from her new vantage point, reaching her paw up over two shelves and trying to whack the pumpkin on to the floor!

I moved the pumpkin to the top shelf.

I am just encouraging her to learn to scale furniture, aren't I? :D


  1. Yep, you just issued a new challenge. That pumpkin's days are numbered, it has nowhere to hid.

  2. You should just send that pumpkin to me to end the cat's temptation... it'll feel right at home with the ones I have! J/K

  3. Having 8 indoor kitties, I can totally relate to your challenges to keep anything safe.

    I've got cats who pry open doors and drawers with a single paw, turn door knobs, and I swear there is one who knows how to pick a lock with his long nails.

    You have your work cut out for you, keeping your little pumpkin treasure safe!

    Good Luck!!

    P.S. They can sometimes be bought, if you present them with a new toy that they deem of more worth than their original quest, but after securing the new toy, don't be surprised if they go back on their word. lol

  4. Sneaky little critters! You need to put something loud and startling up there with the little guy; maybe a car alarm?

  5. I don't care what most people say - cats are brilliant strategic planners!! :D

  6. There is no safe hiding place from an item that a feline has claimed as their property. The next time you see that little pumpkin treasure it is going to be at the bottom of a staircase,or under the stove or refrigerator.

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  8. Cats have a way of knowing what is near and dear to their people. I think they are trying to make a point in telling us that THEY should be what is near and dear - not some silly ornament.

    Gotta luv them Kitties!


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