Sunday, October 11, 2009

It is always a funny

complication that arises each year when we plan our party....what to feed the guest.

Food I hear you say? Why yes, how clever of you. :)

But what food? I have been through it all, made it myself (tried to cut my finger off, so that was the last year for that!), had a family member make it, hired a caterer, went to Costco and bought platters......this year we have a lot of people who own/know someone that owns/or works for a food distributor that have volunteered to help.

Including some friends, of who one of them works for a meat distributor.

She asks? "So what do you want to server everyone?"

"Whatever you think is good. What is popular party food?"

"No requests?"

"Tofu? :D"

"Oh, yeah, you are vegetarians.....sorry :D"

"Yep, so what every you think is good works for us."

So, part of the menu includes specialty deli meat, meatballs and little chicken cordon blue bite things. Oh, with all kinds of tasty dipping sauces!

Got a cheese, chips and bread covered with other friends......sounds yummy huh?

Now I just need to find someone to hook me up the important ingredient - Vodka! :D


  1. Oh dear. Halloween is Rum, not that pale white stuff. Dark Rum is best. giggle

  2. LOL!!! No vodka and Red Bull!!! No, not again!! :D

    I agree with Judith...rum is more my speed! Sticking with Captian Morgran Private Reserve for the party!



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