Friday, October 30, 2009

I started by printing

2,000 of these in the beginning of October. We ran out last weekend, I have been printing them a few at a time on our home printer, but we keep running out. Just had my printer drop off another 500 for the weekend!

They are helpful in that if I did not have these, I could stand out there all day and answer these questions over and over....sometimes I have to hold myself back from saying to a visitor that says "can I ask a question?" . . .only if it is not on that FAQ sheet. :D

Next year we have to add the question, "how long does it take you to set everything up?"

It takes about 20 people a weekend to get it all out in the yard (including setting up the church facade). It takes another weekend for about a handful of us to go around and put in all the details - webbing, lighting, moss, candles, crows, flowers, touching up paint, and setting up and testing all the effects.

The back has ads for the local haunts and information on the dancers for Halloween.

Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. very useful tool... and a good way to track how many visitors you get! Happy Halloeve

  2. good should add something for the blood and gore fans! GIGGLE

  3. Okay, Halloween morning....and out of take ones. Gotta start the home printer crankin'




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