Thursday, October 1, 2009

So last night

we are working on the yard adjusting and adding lighting. It is a process that takes days, getting about 80+ minispot lights wired and adjusted is time consuming and best done at night when we can see how they are lighting the prop.

We notice that Joan - yes, I know I owe you pictures - was blocking the Davis Graveyard sign, so she needs to be moved.

No problem, there are three of us, let's move her.

After some debate we decided where she should go and pound the rebar into the ground.

Important note.

Joan (AKA oldangel) is just like the mourner prop...actually she is a year or two she has the same "base is connected to the statue" problem that the mourner has.

So, husband says, you are going to have to get on the ground and guide her on to the rebar.

The flash backs happened....spider in my EYE! I almost had a panic attack!

I did not realise that it would effect me this way, but I almost wanted to act like a two year old (which I can do very well) and stomp my feet and say "no, not going to do it!"

But I am an adult....well, mostly, so I really need to just forget about the spider in the eye thing.

If I do this fast, less chance of spider attack. Ha, the foam top of the base is sliding around and not matching the hole in the wood frame. (The whole while in my head I am thinking......the spiders are coming, the spiders are coming - I imagine hordes of them coming across the lawn towards me! ) It takes 3 or 4 tries to get it lined up.....felt like a lifetime. I could not get out from under that prop fast enough.

Well, no spiders, at least that I could see, cause luckily it was dark.

I stood up and told husband that we are going to take those two props (mourner and joan) apart this summer and rebuild the bases. Cause I am never doing that again.

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