Monday, March 8, 2010

After October

March and April are two very busy months for me....we have some Davis Graveyard stuff to wrap up (picture book and DVD) and my work has several major events going on, so I am BUSY.
Well, at least that is the excuse for why I completely forgot to give-away the Plants vs. Zombies game.....but I remembered and used husbands handy app to help me choose a winner......and the winner .....almost feels like the Oscars, huh?......

Johnny Thunder!!!! Congrats.

Just send me your email address to and I will send you over a link so you can download it. I apologize in advance for the days of your life you are going to lose. :)


  1. I bought it as an itouch app after reading your blog and have seriously been slacking off on several other projects ever since. I totally love it! Have you watched the credits yet? That song sticks in my head for days but it still makes me smile.

  2. Johnny you lucky dude you! Congratulations! I haven't abandoned you Froggie, I have been singing the "Computer trouble Blues" for a few days, it wants an update here, upgrade there more kilobytes and electrobytes.


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