Friday, March 12, 2010

I am very late

to the party on this giveaway. But better late than never, right?

(If any of are part of putting on an Annual Meeting event, you will understand why I am so completely distracted right now.)

Anyway, in case you do not already know, Shadow Farm is having the best Easter Holiday Giveaway ever on his blog. One lucky winner will be the proud owner of an Gruesome Easter Egg by the master himself that is also the coolest Ostra (trying to keep it fair) piece of art you will ever own.

Seriously, find me something better than this....really, go ahead, We'll wait.

(I will even play you some hold music.....
...queue the ultimate horror in hold music....the theme to Halloween on a bad synthesizer...)

Oh, there you are, your back!

You found nothing, huh? Of course you didn't.

Anyway, check out his great site and his amazing work and register to win yourself something cool!

And if you don't win....just like me :D - he has them for sale on his Esty shop...don't buy the light yellow and black one, that is MINE!!! :D

And if you have not been following his blog and you are a haunter.....I think something is wrong with you, head on over there and start at the is worth it. He not only has a magnificent yard haunt, but he is a tremendously talented know, he is one of those well rounded, uber talented haunt people that I dream of being some day. Check out his blog. Trust me, you will be doing yourself a favor. And yes, you are going to thank me later so, "your welcome" in advance :D

He has amazing pieces and has a definite way with a story, the "almost dead cat found while mowing the lawn" story (that is some terrible paraphrasing on my part, Dave gave the story a much better title) is a both a disturbing and unforgettable slice of time and space.

I will be sitting somewhere drinking a cup of tea or painting and the images from that story creep back in my head....that, my friends, is a special kind of magic he creates.


  1. Wonderful Easter eggs. I've never seen anything like that.

  2. Certainly wins my "Coolest thing I have and will see all day" award this morning!


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