Friday, March 26, 2010

We have that in common

neither of us are very patient people. This is very evident in husbands latest attempt to help complete one of my Frog Queen follies - the Luminary.

Our latest project for 2010, is updating the luminary. After reviewing my collection of luminary pictures it is apparent that the one thing wrong with it is that the candles need to be in votives. So since all our attempts at cutting glass did not work....and I cannot seem to find a glass artist that is willing to do trade for Halloween decorations :) Jeff said he would cast them in plastic (resin.)

We took one of my favorite ones, the one I thought looked more "church like" and made a mold. This way he could cast it with a hole in the bottom to allow the LED lights to be placed inside the candles. That was the easy part.

Then husband got some clear plastic resin from TAP and some red coloring to make me 48 votive holders.

We have worked with resin a brother has a quite a bit and we know that it really does not like the cold. But that has not stopped husband from trying to pour a week, I now have two lovely votive holders....only 46 more to go. It is taking about 36-48 to cure....because it is raining (mostly) and under 50 degrees in the shop. He says it is like working in a refrigerator :D

Gotta love him for trying so hard to make this project work for me. He talked about the process on our blog - so take a visit and see what he is up to.


  1. i've got to hand it to you. that project would drive me crazy! it will be terrific when it is done though!

  2. It will definitely be worth all the hard work.

  3. oh, that's going to look wonderful!


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