Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I know what you are thinking

these are a bit sparkly for the frog queen.....and is that pink you see?

Yes, in fact it is. And no, it is not for is for husband :D Wouldn't he look lovely in that crown-thingy?

Just I hope he doesn't read this post!

These are actually items that I purchased over at Mystic2Awesome as gifts for friends and family.

Although you would not know it by looking at him...the skull has become a bit attached to that lovely flowing crown-thingy. I caught him staring at himself in the mirror again. (sigh)

(I am starting to think he might be a cross dresser (just like our coachman) - If I catch him at the M.A.C. counter at Macy's them I will be certain :D)

That said....changing out the Etsy link on my site....if you want lovely, lovely things (and who doesn't?), check out her shop.


  1. That crown thing actually looks awesome on the skull! Gives it that creepy dead bride look.

  2. Skull does look awesome in the flowing crown, better keep an eye on the MAC counter.

  3. He's looking rather dapper...

    Love the sparkly things! Very nice!

  4. I like the pics. And kudos to you for encouraging your skull to embrace its identity.

  5. Hey...I just thought you were getting ready for Day of the Dead!!


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