Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So I tell myself

that the graveyard has become so famous that they have renamed our local creek, Johnson Creek (hence the name of the street I live on) to Davis Creek, as Googles new terrain map says. (As my clever friends pointed out to me.)

Much more entertaining than the truth....which is that it is just a mistake on Google maps.

"Davis Creek" does have a nice ring to it :D

Check it out.

Go to


type in
8703 SE 43rd Ave, Milwaukie, OR 97222

click the terrain button on the map
(on the map to the right) - you will now see a new version of the map and notice that the creek is called "Davis Creek" - well, of course it is!

LOL! Finally, someone is givin us the credit we deserve :D



  1. That is very cool. I wanna come stay.

  2. OH MY...LOL '-)

    Hope this note finds you well!

    CK (-:

  3. Well I was interested in this so I did some searching and thought I had found some justification for the name...aside from the obvious, that is. ;>

    According to Wikipedia, the Tualatin River does a lot of meandering, but at some point receives the "Jackson Slough from the left, then Davis Creek from the right at RM 40 (RK 64)."

    I'd also note that Wikipedia references the US Geological Survey and DeLorme Maps for its info. I inspected the USGS maps, but they clearly identify the water as Johnson Creek. In fact, it runs as far as the Sandy River before it fades out, but is ID'd as Johnson the whole way. Too bad!

    However, upon closer inspection (and actually following the course of the Tualatin on Google maps), the Davis Creek reference above is actually for one that's much further to the west in Blooming. It takes a long, circuitous route before it finally dumps into the Willamette, a little south of where Johnson Creek begins.

    So, after a good 30-45 minutes of orienteering, it does come down to the fact that it is just an error. But if I were you, I'd copy the reference, blow it up, frame it, and then go with the story that it was renamed after your family!


  4. What Google doesn't know, won't hurt them.

  5. Wellllll, why not! I think it was meant to be! lol

  6. Wow, Rich, thanks for all the information,I had no idea....and I live in the area :D I do think I am going to find a way to make a copy and print it out for the shop. I will just make sure I hide it when my neighbors with the last name Johnson are over visiting.



  7. I am all for printing it and taking it to the city to demand the road name be changed to match. Davis Creek Blvd.


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