Thursday, March 4, 2010

I was going to

blog about the new show husband discovered on our Roku the other day and just never got around to it (it is kinda gorey, so I thought it was kinda sorta Halloweenish)....then yesterday morning, when I was hitting up a much more talented than I friend with some software questions, he told me that he is partly involved with the project. Okay universe, I get the message - here is the blog post :)

So the story goes.....husband comes into the office and says "you really gotta see this show" - To which he knows I will say "no" - but he says it anyway and quickly follows with "it is really bloody and artistic."

Really? Hum....I might not hate it.

"And it has lots of naked men. "

I which I say...."completely naked?" This is where I remind him that "naked" means naked, not just shirtless, which is what most shows consider naked when it comes to men.

"Yes, really, naked men. "

Okay, so I am interested in whether husband is just exaggerating or if there really are naked men on TV. So I agree to watch it.

The show is Spartacus

Wow, I like it better than the Rome series or 300. This one is more visual and I LOVE the fight scenes and the blood sprays - I am not a big gore fan in general, but the over the top blood works for me on this one....and the naked people. (It is definitely soft core porn at times.) :D

So I have watched some of it.....I get bored with TV very easy and I have been taking a lot of work home lately, but I have gotten the main thread of the story....have sex.....kill lots of people.....and spray lots of blood. Just the type of distraction I need right now.

Oh, and seeing Lucy Lawless (Xena) as a red head......hum, not sure exactly what I think about that. Her wig disturbs me as it looks like it is left over from the Kull movie, you know the one that Tia Carrere wore (if you don't know, that is probably a good thing, it was a very cheesy movie, lots of fighting and mostly naked men....most with really bad hair, I mean really bad, like WTF bad :)

So I like it. Which for me with a TV show, is saying a whole lot. Is it perfect? Likely not, I am just genuinely entertained with all the splashy blood :D

Oh, and my buddy and new favorite person of the week - Dean (the talking head in the graveyard) over at Happy Trails (who have done work for my day job) animation told me, when I asked him what they had been up to lately, told me yesterday that they did the motion comic for the series. How cool is that??!? (Yes, (LOL) the frog queen knows only cool people :D)

I downloaded it from iTunes, but have not seen it yet (working too much) but I am sure it will be fantastic......cause they are my friends, and yes, I am totally biased that way. I would do the same for any of you :D

So, that is my little (bloody) Frog Queen folly for you all.

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  1. "...have sex...kill lots of people...spray lots of blood." Throw in a fallen angel or a naughty priest and I'm in.

    Er...did I say that out loud?


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