Thursday, March 25, 2010

I have so many pictures

of St. Andrews Cathedral Cemetery.......we could do this for days......but I will stop for now. Maybe next week I will add some more. If all was perfect in my world I would have you all on the next plane to Scotland and we would all enjoy a Frog Queen guided tour of this amazing place.

Thanks to all of you who humor me on my obsession with this graveyard. I promise to move my favorite (yes this is only my second) soon enough. Until then....more St. Andrews for now.


  1. Keep up the cemetery and ruins photos!

    I for one LOVE them!

  2. Gah, I'm loving it - bring it on!!! Maybe you should do a cemetery WEEK, that way people that don't like it (as if there ARE any of those people) know it's coming, and those of us that LOVE them will have enough inspiration to get us through this building Summer coming up! Look at all the glorious shapes, and colors, and textures! Crazy good?!?!!!!

  3. It is your blog after. Do with it what you will. :-)

    Oh and Cemetery Week sounds a bit like Shark Week without all the gnashing and more interesting. I think we could put it on Davis Graveyard TV or DGTV which may be too close to dog TV...Oh my, can't control the brain spiral (bs) today.

  4. How can you ever get tired of the fabulous views in those photos!

  5. Absolutely beautiful, I could never tire of seeing things like that.

  6. Love the cemetery! And the last pic is awesome!


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