Monday, March 15, 2010

When I drove up to

the castle I knew it was the one I wanted to rent. Yes, it was lovelier and more modern (on the inside) than the other castle I had seen earlier that day, but that was not the was primarily the fact that literally in the front yard of Dairse Castle in the Fife region of Scotland (a 50 minutes north of Edinburgh) is a graveyard and a deconsecrated Catholic church.

Is that not perfect?

We decided to rent a castle and invite our friends and family (some that had attended our very small wedding) to join us to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. We knew that this would likely be the only time that many of them would get to travel to the UK - so we thought we would make it extra special. :)

Since I would be spending Halloween in Scotland that year (we lent our props to a local haunt) and not setting up (much) of the yard, this was the place to be! We confirmed our reservation on the spot, can you see why?

More pictures to follow!


  1. Beautiful photos of a stunning location and structure.

  2. Sweet lord that's just amazing.

  3. So gorgeous, so chilling and warm at once... so very Scotland.

  4. gorgeous! I'm so jealous! Scotland is one of my most favorite places!

  5. Just stunning.... I love ever single shot... thanks so much for showing us!

  6. Holy crap - I'd have rented that castle on the spot too! I'd probably camp out in the graveyard if not for those chilly Scottish nights!


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