Monday, March 22, 2010

We are now calling it

Davis Graveyard University (thanks to our friend Cory for the idea for the name!)

This year we are holding four (at least) classes at the house and teaching one seminar at Frightfest NW and possibly two at the West Coast Haunters Convention. Along with working on stuff for the yard this year.....crazy, why yes we are :D

Thanks to everyone who completed the survey to help us decide what classes you wanted us to teach.

This year we are going to two of our ever popular Tombstone class. You get to make your very own tombstone right at the graveyard.

The most requested class was molding and casting. Husband and I have worked it out where we can teach you to make a mold in a weekend. It will be 6 hour day on Saturday and a 4 hour day on Sunday. Along with an overview of the basics, when you are done you will have made a mold of a skull and poured a foam version.

The next class is corpsing. There are lots of ways of corpsing a skeleton, we are going to teach you our version. We are going to use the new "Barney" skeleton from Skeleton Store- this is a much lighter blow mold skeleton that is not something we would use as a skeleton in the yard (I think the head is too large) - but for making a corpse, we think this will be a cheaper and lighter alternative. (Oh and safer...I cannot tell you how many times I have pinched my fingers on the spine of a Bucky or Bart!)

We hope to be doing our "Graveyard Overview" class at West Coast Haunters Convention. This is where we power through most of the aspects of our graveyard in about 50 minutes. It is crazy, but it can be done. We answer as many questions as we can after that.

If Ed has the space,we will do another projection seminar. The ghosts in the yard have become our trademark and we get lots of questions from people on how we "do that." It is much easier than you would imagine, and it will only take us an hour to show you how to make your own.

Not sure if the schedule for Frightfest has been finalized. But we will likely present there as well, so we will keep you posted.

If you are in the area, come on by, we would love to show you how to create better Halloween decorations than you can buy in any store and it is a lot of fun to hang with the crew and meet fellow Halloween enthusiasts.

Check out our website. for details


  1. "Davis Graveyard University", I love it! *mystic2awesome dusts off her gravestone and prepares to move to the University*

  2. Damn, I always wanted to go to universtiy. Now it's too far away.

  3. Is there any chance that you guys will tape this and sell the tapes to those of us unfortunate enough not to be able to attend? I would most certainly buy one on both molding and projection.
    Please say you will! *flutters eyelashes*

  4. Oooo...eyelashes....I can't resist. All I can say is that we will try. I'll drag the video camera out and set it on a tripod and we will see how it goes?

  5. Yes Yes Yes, please try the video'ing of the tut's. I too would like to get them and am interested in the same one's ShellHawk mentioned.


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