Friday, May 22, 2009

Can you believe

that I have to take these letters off my gate every year.....husband will not let me have them welded to the gate.... I know - I agree with all of you....I don't see the problem..... :)

They currently attach to the gate each October with rare-earth magnets; he won't admit it...but I think he wants it that way so that he could have an excuse to buy and use some...

...actually, rare-earth magnets are pretty cool. They are very strong, and they can take a chuck out of your finger when you are attaching them if you are not careful. And I did not paint the lettering....that rust is natural, not there is that issue of keeping your shots updated if you happen to cut yourself.

Small, tiny, boring details.

Anyway....I brought this up, because, I am not getting my way again.....and I am not happy.

Wait, I know how the welder works. Seriously, how hard can this be?



  1. Husbands can be so unreasonable!! :D

  2. My husband-to-be would throw the letters out thinking they were rubbish if they were detachable... the man has no common sense about props, and an overwhelming need to keep things tidy.


    I think I'd set a trap -- mix up some blood, get some gauze, and let him come home to you with a 'missing finger,' a woozy demeanor, and some babbling about 'was just testing the letters out in a different pattern, and it all happened so fast -- no shot this year -- take me to hospital? Why-oh-why couldn't we have permenantly affixed those things!!'

  3. Very cool, love the letters, and thanks for the info on rare earth magnets, I want to check them out now!

  4. i love the letters! maybe get rid of the husband!! check out my witch collection when you have time. can't wait for halloween!

  5. Weld away! I think that would be awesome as a permanent fixture.

  6. What no welding allowed??? LOL '-P)

    Popping in to say HELLO & enjoy your holiday weekend.

    mE ((-:

  7. You could always spray paint it on the fence and say it was taggers

  8. AS a Husband myself, I say "If you keep the letters up all year it will take the magic away in October."


  9. Ah, thanks for all the support....

    and to The Captian LOL!!, I never thought of it that way, very good point...hum.....I still rather weld them to the fence...but it looks like on the door they are staying.

    I am so glad that husband does not read this blog :)

  10. He reads the blog...just not always the comments.

  11. Busted! ha ha

    So maybe he'll see all the comments from your people wanting the letters welded on the gate and give in? ;}

  12. Oh, no! Husband reads my blog!! I think I should be more careful :)


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