Wednesday, May 27, 2009


or yard keeping in this instance. I am going through my unposted blog entries and cleaning house.

This is picture of a wisteria (Chinese, which wraps counter clockwise) vine that I am growing up and through a flowering cherry tree that is dying.

The idea is that the vines will take over the tree and use the soon to be dead tree for support.

I planted this 4 years ago...I thought the tree would be dead by now...(maybe Belldandy came by :) ? (Sorry for the obscure manga reference :)

Anyway, the vines did not wrap as well as I would like, so I think I am going to plant a few additional Japanese versions (they wrap clockwise) an see if I can increase the vines along the base of the tree. I hope they like each other...maybe I should consult the big gardening book before I plant some :)

My next idea is to create some faces out of resin or something that can withstand time and the outdoor conditions and place them on the larger base of the tree and have the vines grow around them, sort of a spirit tree.
I am not that patient of a person, and I know that it will be at least 3 - 5 years before I have anything that looks like my vision.
This is a good exercise for the Frog Queen.


  1. There's nothing like gardening to encourage patience. Not that I'd know. If a plant isn't growing as I imagined after a year, I'm digging it up and moving it around. Good luck with those vines!


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