Monday, May 18, 2009

I love Halloween

more than Tori Amos.
Crap! I just found out that Tori will be in town on July 11, that is the weekend of Frightfest Northwest. We are hosting the event! The dance is that night…..there is NO way I can sneak away to see it.

Halloween on one side Tori on the on the other. :(

I have seen her over 30 times, so I guess missing one show will not be the end of the world (but pretty close ;) . . . . it is Halloween related after all.

Now if Kate Bush* was playing …..forget Frightfest Northwest – husband would have to handle it on his own :)

*husband has been warned that I would mortgage the house to fly where ever in the world if she ever announces a concert tour again.


  1. Oh my, 30 times!?? You have me beat by over 20! I prob won't see her for this tour though (money money)...though her concerts are definitely worth it. Just times are tough.

    I was at the recordstore today & caught a sneak peek at Abnormally and oooo Love the packaging. The whole album (I think the whole CD) is on MySpace for free listening. Sounds really "That Guy"...think it's called.

    I ordered my copy thru Amazon so it probably won't come til Wed...:(

    I feel sorry for ya about your Tori dilemma...but you know what she usually tours a couple times for an album, so maybe you will get to see her afterall! (And maybe I will to at some later time!)

    Take care~

  2. I was just listening to Tori today. Love her!

  3. I wonder how long it will take for my wife to find out. Then I wonder how long it will take until I won't be helping out with Fright Fest NW and instead either watching The Boys or going to Tori. I bet not long.

  4. Yamfu - you noticed that I have not emailed or IM'd you yet? :) That was on purpose. I am a bad person :)

    Yeah, I knew I would lose you both as helpers when this came up :)

    Love you both anyway - can't say I blame your lovely bride, if I could sneak out with her I would :)

    Hopefully as Eve Noir rightly remebers - she has been known to make a second run. I might have to head to Seattle or NorCal - but it will be worth it :)

  5. I bought her the album which has videos, which as everyone knows is the next best thing. So for now she is content. So baring no change FFNW here we come!

    By the bye, my Word Verification word was 'bratt'. Is that a hint?


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