Saturday, May 16, 2009

What a surprise!

I have a new addition to my frog family!

I got a very cool Halloween frog from a fellow blogger. How thoughtful!

The Halloween themed frogs are the favorite in my collection. This one is perfect!

Thanks Dracaena!


  1. That one has you written all over it, sweet gift!

  2. Yay glad to see it arrived in one piece! That was the first item I have ever mailed that was bigger than a card.

    I've had that frog for awhile now and when you and I began chatting, I knew you had to have it. :)

  3. Is that a sticker collage I see back there? Very cool...I HEART all types of collages, mainly sticker ones. Oooo, I even see the Crow, coolness.

    I know Ms. Dracenea, she's very cool. How nice of her to give you that froggy!

  4. She is very nice. :)

    I will have to take a picture of what I call my "propaganda board" -I say that it has somethig to offend everyone :)



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