Thursday, May 28, 2009

Do I

start another blog?

As of late, I have been very conflicted about this blog.

I am not those great people that scour the web looking for fantastic things to share with you.....again, I wish I was. I just blog from the Frog Queen (of Halloween's) point of view :)

And, I do, censor myself. I hardly say "fuck" on this blog, but when I am working on Halloween stuff....yeah, well, I have a bit of potty mouth! (Husband, who I now know reads this, is LAUGHING his ass off at the "bit" part of that comment!)

I recently stopped posting anything about my work. More like therapy for me and boring for the rest of you. I mean, even if I can be funny about it, it just seems self indulgent. I sometimes envy you that fill out those clever questionnaires that revel more to me. I just feel silly talking about myself.....

You don’t have to tell me, my cat (Dorie) is cute, and my garden can be quite beautiful and I can find a quirky thing here and there but they really have nothing to do about frogs or pumpkins, or more importantly, Halloween.

It bothers me each time I post something that is not 100% Halloween or Davis Graveyard related. I am concerned that I will mislay my Halloween fans.

Husband, who as you know, I hardly listen to (but love dearly!), reminds me that the blog is me and for me. And although I am 70%-80% Halloween, It is fair to say that I have a few distractions.

I mean not a single day goes by when husband and I do not talk about Halloween and our graveyard display. Pitiful, I know. But my blog...not so much so.

So do I make a frog queen blog (actually someone has that, I will have to come up with something else) and I keep this one strictly Halloween?


  1. I use LiveJournal that lets you filter who gets to read your blog for personal stuff and try to use the Blogspot one for just my shop and posting cool pics of Halloween stuff.
    On LiveJournal there are public posts for people not on my friends list but most of it is locked entries for just a core group of people. I'm OldHalloween on LJ.

  2. Just my &%$#%@ing 2 cents worth (Mr. Macabre has a bit of a potty mouth too, especially when fingers and hammers are involved...)
    I myself was a bit conflicted about the Cerebrations blog; after a couple of months, I couldn't find enough stuff to keep it strictly Hallowe'en every post. As I read yours and others blogs on a daily basis, I personally enjoy learning about all aspects of a haunter's life, whether it is a picture of a contorted pussy cat or a Monster Mud creation.
    Should you start another blog...sure, if you want to, should you allow other aspects of your life to creep into Frog on the Pumpkin, sure, if you want to.
    I would definately agree with Old Fashion Halloween if you you wanted to do a more personal blog not for the general public though and go LiveJournal where you can have locked entries.

  3. Reading this post, I felt like I was reading my own thoughts over the past year.

    When I started my blog, I intended it to be seasonal (September/October)and I planned to write about what I did, made, read about or otherwise encountered, during the Halloween season. I never scoured the internet looking for ideas, just wrote about anything I happened upon.

    I found that I enjoyed it as a creative outlet and with more time on my hands during the winter months, decided to continue year round. I have tried to give every post a connection, if not to Halloween directly, then to general creepiness,but some of those connections have been, admittedly, weak. Can I truly say it's a Halloween blog if I have a whole string of posts with no direct connection to Halloween? I have toyed with the idea of other blogs devoted to these tangents.

    I've decided against additional blogs, at least for now, because I'm trying to increase the amount of time I spend in the real world. Also, like Mr. M., I enjoy learning a little more about the lives of my fellow bloggers and perhaps they feel the same about me.

    Ultimately, I think it comes down to deciding your purpose in creating the blog. I came to the same conclusion as your husband, even if that means it's not 100% Halloween. But if you prefer to separate the Halloween from the personal, why not?

  4. I understand your confliction! My first blog ( was originally intended to be a place for me to post only witchy/spiritual related things. That didn't last any time at all before I was posting stuff about my job, family, etc. Then I got kind of bored with it and created another blog that was supposed to be for daily life, etc. I had come to the conclusion that I needed both because they both represent a part of my personality(ies). I've been okay with posting to both of them but now am feeling restless about having two blogs. I post mostly on the non witchy blog and can't make up my mind if I should just do away with one of them. If you figure out how to decide, let me know, I could use the help!
    (sorry for the dissertation!)

  5. It's your effing blog and you can effing put on it what you effing well want to!
    What are blogs for but a bit of self-indulgence that other folks let us get away with, anyway? (Some of them even encourage us to indulge more!)

  6. I think potty-mouths are highly underrated if you ask me! Ha! '-P)

    Enjoy your weekend!

    PS: If you don't mind I would like to share your beautifully framed "Blue Moon Cats" print on my blog next week? I will give you PR linkage back on the post 2!

    SpOOky CK (-:

  7. That is a tough decision. And ultimately it is up to you but I'm gonna throw in my 2 cents. Bear with me...

    OK, I have 3 blogs, yikes, I know! I started Looking-Glass with the intention of writing about EVERYTHING. I jumped into blogging and didn't really think too much about themes/etc...

    Then about a month goes by and suddenly I feel like I should do a GOTH blog. I felt like people on my first blog didn't understand my 'darker' side. So I like that I have that other type of outlet.

    THEN a lil' while after that, I was thinking well, hm, I don't want to get TOO TOO personal about my life on either blog...mainly because I have a mental illness. But also just to have a BLOG strictly for 'personal' thoughts. And I'm happy with that blog, though I did make it private now...with about 9 followers from BOTH my blogs. (Which I think if you start a new blog, you'll get a bunch of your followers from here. I bet ya!)

    SO YEAH, I have 3 blogs. Sounds like a lot of time, energy, etc...BUT I just write on whichever one fits the 'mood/theme' for the day.

    I wouldn't say you'd be misleading your Halloween fans by doing a survey here & there.

    Sometimes I'm torn where to put something on any of my blogs! Crazy, right? I wonder is it more Goth, Randomness (L-Glass), or is it personal? Oh, I thought I'd be misleading peeps on Goth blog too because I don't talk about GOTHIC things for every post I do.

    Hope this helps a bit. Let us all know what you decide when you have thought about it more.
    Enjoy your weekend~

  8. As you have already heard me say. Its about you. Write whatever you want. People will read what they want to and ignor the rest. Beside, have you really ever seen a negative comment about an off-topic post before?

  9. In my opinion, I think you should keep only one blog. People who are following your blog for some time will thank you for sharing your thoughts may they be related to halloween or not. On my part, I love to know more about the fellow bloggers I read daily and I'm not bored when their posts are not halloween related.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. I second Shellhawk's and Jeff's and Pumpkin Brain's comments wholeheartedly.

    While I love all things Halloween, I also love to learn more about the author, you, and your everyday thoughts and it makes it easy if it's all on one blog.

  11. To echo others, you do what you want :)

    If the sole purpose of this blog is to promote your haunt and only your haunt, then consider a new blog for you to play with.

    If the blog is about you, your passion, your haunt, your life, your creepy discoveries you like to share with other creepers, then carry on as is. :)

    By the way, I got an amazing little surprise in the mail this morning. Love your schwag bag for the graveyard! The voo doo doll is cool too *wink*


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