Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This time

I was right.

(Back to Hauntcon reminiscing)

We drove about 45 minutes to this place, Round Lake, I believe and pulled up to a miniature golf place, off to the side of the sign I saw a simple "Haunted House" sign with an arrow pointing left.

Oh, boy, this should be fun :)

Not only was this a miniature golf course, they also had an arcade section, a pizza parlor and a bowling alley....next to the bar, and...in a building behind it....you guessed it.

A haunted house. Or something that resembled a haunted house.

We were all hungry so we opted to have pizza first...or something that resembled pizza :) Lucky for us, the pizza dining area was right next to the bar.

You might be thinking to yourself....wow. she mentions a lot of drinking at Hauntcon. Not near as much as actually goes on :)

There is a reason that classes do not start until 10:00 am on Sunday :)

Back to....eating first was a mistake, because the second bus arrived and decided to walk through the haunt first. So, when we got done, we had to wait for them to go through the haunt....5 people every 10-8 minutes or so....there were about 175 of us! Anyway, they were through and had gone in to eat their pizza and back out before most of us got through the haunt.


So, to the haunt.

I have to say that the opening scene was very promising. A lady is talking about this "pet" experiment she has over in the cage. He is screaming for someone to let him out. Then she goes bezerk and asks if we should kill him. We all answer yes, mostly because we know that is what she wants us to say and this is going on forever.

Then she runs in the cage after him and pulls out a gun and shoots him in the head.

Yeah, that was disturbing.

I was trying to remember if there was a sign outside about not bringing in small children. That experience might cause the need for therapy later.

I am thinking. Wow - if that is the beginning, I might be wrong, the rest of the haunt is going to be something quite different.

I was not wrong...

First off, the separated me from the group. I actually volunteered when they asked for someone. I have been through these enough to know to volunteer, or we are all going to have to wait for them to "pick" a victim.

I take one for the team. Just get us moving!

So, the rest of the haunt is me being stalked by very good actors in great make up pushing me through the haunt. Most of them got too close for me.

I found myself in my mind saying over and over again....some of these guys need a Tic Tac! Especially the smokers! Yuk!

I am not a big personal space person, I understand how these work and I would never shove anyone in a haunt, never.....but I thought about it at least a few times. :D

I felt bad as things went on because I was just laughing.....I mean how many times in my life can I be followed by a scary clown and expect to be scared. Really people!

So the haunt is just a maze of rooms, with all the same situations..... just like every other haunt you will ever see.

It was not horrible. It was just completely unoriginal. Saw nothing new.

And, you guessed it.....

I got chased out by a guy with a chain saw.

And some people wanted to stay for the lights on tour!!! Crazies!!

So we did not get back to the hotel until after midnight. The bar was closed.....but the Hauntcon suite was open :)

Yes, I purposely left off the name of the haunt, it would serve no purpose to tell you. If you are going to Wisconsin and you email me, I will tell you the name so you can avoid it.


  1. Reminds me of the last "haunted house" I went through. Chainsaws, screaming, same old . . . same old. I much prefer historical ghost walks and tours.

  2. This is a good example why I generally don't attend many haunts with actors. I'm not interested in someone being in my face; if your environment and subtleties don't give me the heebie jeebies, some overzealous dude in a mask isn't (he's just going to piss me off).

    And for the love of Pete, can we PLEASE quit with the chainsaw dude.

    And a gun shot? Really? That scenario specifically sounds...forced, weak, inappropriate and worst of all, a decision made because they couldn't think of something cooler.

    I still prefer haunted hayrides - put me on the cart and have crazy creepy stuff happen around me (and I can't run away).

    One of the coolest things I ever saw was an actual "scrambler" carnival ride running with creepy music blaring. As we passed, a woman victim - injured - tried to make it to the cart we were on for help. Behind her emerged the crazy carnie, slowly walking toward her from behind the ride. You've got scary plus that tension of not being able to help or escape. Genius.

  3. Halloween Spirit. I hear you, I love ghost walks. One of my favorite things - ever!

    Ghoul Friday - the gun situation just felt - stupid. I agree that the creepy stuff, especially in an open area, is much, much cooler.

    That ride sounds amazing! I am going to share that story with the crew.


  4. Yes, it's true...there is no personal space in a haunt which is nice if you're by a cutie. :)

    I also tend to giggle in a haunt. Mainly because of the people shrieking and acting silly over things that aren't very scary.


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