Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I really don't want

an energy drink, but I am tired (cause I was up too late in his suite with all our friends), so I will take one anyway. Is what I am thinking as Leonard hands me a can of Screaming Zombie Energy Drink.

Not bad, full of caffeine and sugar, just what every haunter needs :)

So I am checking out the ingredients on the back of the can and I see that it is created by Steve Koontz.....can't be my friend Steve, could it?

The phone number is 702 area code....that is Las Vegas. What are the chances of two Steve Koontz in Las Vegas?

I am curious so I ask Tina (aka Mort). Her and Tim who are good friends with Steve also, if she knows anything about this. She mentions that Steve had sent her something about a new project he was up to, so that must be it. She looks at the can, sees what it is, and asks us if Tim had one?

"Ah, I believe so."

"Great" she says.

I will later discover that Tim is hyper enough without an enrgy drink :)

How odd, Steve Koontz, the same guy I was blogging about when I was giving reasons to attend Hauntcon, now makes a Halloween themed energy drink.....odd.

It would get even odder.

I am standing at registration to sign up for the tour that night and there he is, in line.

"Steve?" Holy crap! What are you doing here?!? I was just......I was just trying your drink!!"

We chat for awhile and catch up. He tells me that business has been slow in Vegas so he was branching out into other things, trying to stay in touch with his Halloween roots. He tells me that he is going to set up a booth and see if he can get some customers from the show.


He is working with Raymond (who we know) from a local haunt and mini golf course in town.....and he is on his way the show right now.

Wow, like I said, funny where you run into the locals

As I mentioned before Steve is the nicest guy with a great sense of humor and Raymond is very generous and funny also. We had a great time hanging with them at the show.

I tell him I would be happy to try it as a mixer and get back to him. If you caught my Hauntcast, you know that I have tried vodka and Captain Morgan. Both tasty, but the Captain is my favorite. Make it taste a little less sweet.

Plug for my friend! Try Screaming Zombie Energy Drink. It is fantastic! :)


  1. With art and a name like that, whats not to love!

  2. A zombie energy drink... How cool!

  3. Stranger than fiction. And of course the only thing better than a ton of caffeine and sugar is a ton of caffeine and sugar AND alcohol :)

  4. Hey there,

    Wanted to say thanks for your lovely mailed thank-you note! You made my day! :-)

    Glad you enjoyed the art print as well.

    PS: COOL website!

    SpOOky Best,
    Chris (-'

  5. I don't consume energy drinks, personally, but I have been known to buy ones that have goth/Halloween themed containers. : )

    It's such a small world sometimes!


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