Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Barely made it

back from Hauntcon.

I travel a bit, not a lot, let's just say that I have been on my fair share of plane rides.

Been in some rather scary turbulence and had a few very bouncy landings.

Still, no big deal, thousands of planes travel every day...safer than driving in your car I am told. :)

Yesterday, when we left Milwaukee for Minneapolis, we ran into some bad weather, a freak wind and rain storm. We had to circle for about an hour - I slept through most of it :) A couple of times I did wake up a few people were looking down at St. Paul asking, is that where we are landing?

The answer is "no". People, if you could see the city, he would likely be landing the plane.

Anyway, we finally do land; if that is what you want to call it. I am guessing he was going so fast to cut through the cross winds, but the moment the wheels touched the ground, the plane started to fish-tail! I have to say, that is the first time on a plane where I was actually scared. We were rocking back and forth and the plane was moving from side to side.

I was just thinking "please do not let the wings touch the runway!!!" That would be very, very bad. I think the story of my life was queuing up to flash before my eyes :)

The wings stayed off the ground, but a few people on the plane, including our new friend (and the coolest guy!) Brian - were (justifiably) a bit terrified.

After a spending a week with him at the convention, talking endlessly about what scares know, some hate clowns, others bugs, as we all know my personal phobia is spiders....we now know what Brian is afraid of. :)

Anyway - I am back with lots and lots for Hauntcon stories to tell :) I think we will do an overview in several parts on the DavisHouse blog....and all the cool, funny and interesting stories I will keep to myself. :)

Off to check everyone's blogs!!!! Missed you guys!


  1. What a scary ride! I've never been on a plane myself so I can only imagine what it must have felt like.

    Glad to have you back safe and sound!

  2. Glad you made it back! Looking forward to the stories :)

  3. Ugh turbulance is the worst, probably one of the most frightening experiences in life! Glad you guys got home dsafe and had a blast Froggie!


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