Friday, May 29, 2009

If you are not

listening to Hauntcast. You are a loser...oh, wait, what I meant to say is .....then you should.

Not just because husband and I are currently featured in the latest podcast. How cool is that!! Despite us being on there, the show is freakin' awesome! It makes me laugh out loud so much that I cannot listen to it at work (I tried - once!) I would really like to, just to make work bearable....wait, likely not even that would make my job anything other than depressing :)

And if you leave a cool message on the Bone Phone (hee hee, "bone" phone - yes, I can be quite juvenile) you have a chance to win a messenger bag with a embroidered Davis Graveyard logo on it....full of other goodies, like a travel mug, pens....maybe some foam skulls, some foam tombstone accents, and what ever elese is lying around the shop.....we will keep packing it full until the bag can hold no more!!

The whole Hauntcast thing reminds me of Hauntcon.....I was pleasantly surprised by how many haunted attraction people love the show. Not to say anything bad about RFR, but everyone I talked to thought it was the best podcast on the net. So funny, and not PG rated, and most importantly entertaining!!! I talked a lot over the week of the convention with John Kennedy, the new owner of Haunted Attraction magazine and he said that he listened to them on his trip up to the convention. He said he saved them for last thinking that they would be a bit dull...I mean, we are talking home haunters! (Just kidding John - really, just joking, John did not say that. He loves home haunters.....who am I kidding!!! John does not read my blog.......please!! :)

Anyway, he said that he loved them! Laughed and laughed and he was going to talk to them about sponsorship!! I hear he did so Wooohooo! Great way for Haunted Attraction magazine to show some love to us lowly home haunters :) Again, John, if ever read this....I am being my usual sarcastic self....I mean after spending a week with have to know that I cannot be serious about anything for more than two sentences. :)

Back to.....

Support Chris, Rev and the crew by telling everyone you know to check out the show. They will thank you later. I might even go so far as to say support all their vendors....even the Spirit store (those over priced bastards! - oops, I think the turrets is kicking in again) so that you can help them keep the show on the road.

I believe our new friend Brian Dove is going to do a interview from the Rocky Mountain Gathering for Hauntcast!! Way to go Brian!!

Oh, wait, none of you know Brian......I haven't written that blog post yet. Guess what I will be doing this weekend.


  1. Ribbit ribbit-thanks for joining my blog. Robert~Hallowen Fanatic

  2. That's awesome that you guys are on Hauntcast getting your name and personalities out there.


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