Saturday, May 30, 2009

Brilliant people I know, part one

A sort of friend.... more a friend of some good friends. She would know me...if you reminder her that we are those crazy Davis Graveyard and that I actually know "Making Plans for Nigel" (?? I hear you say....long story, we were playing charades), more importantly; we are friends of Floyd and Marc. BTW- she has the cutest mom, who LOVES Halloween!!

This song is funny.......and she is as funny in person as this song. We love her sense of humor!!!

I present to you this BRILLIANT song from Courtney, who is a writer and the host of the syndicated LIVE Wire! (on NPR) might relate, if not, you know someone who fits this description....and now you have song to play in your head while they/you are trolling the clubs/bars :)

We love her, she makes us laugh!!! So I thought I would share :)

I present to you, my fellow bloggers.....Whore Phase :) ONLY LISTEN TO THIS SONG IF YOU HAVE SENSE OF HUMOR!!!! You normal people have been warned!!!

Thanks to Me Smash for the are a good friend!!!


  1. Cute song. I think we all go through that phases at some point in time, Heh.

  2. So, you actually think NORMAL PEOPLE read your blog?
    Poor thing. :op

  3. LOL! ShellHawk....I didn't think of that :)

  4. Funny! Loved the voices joining in on certain words.


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