Thursday, May 7, 2009

It seems dark

even with the lights on.

Yesterday I was sitting in my office under glowing fluorescent lights with all my frogs working through my emails and catching up. It is very sad. The world definitely seems smaller, back at work after spending 8 days with haunters.

I never realized how tedious most work conversations are, no one has a sense of humor, the paint on the walls is beige, the people (most) are plain and boring, how everyone takes themselves so seriously, and they generally believe I am completely insane for spending my vacation at a Halloween convention :)

Some days, I think they are right. :)


  1. I'm pretty sure they are just lame. :)

    Of course, I work at kind of a weird office full of very strange people... I'm wary of all beige offices.

  2. I say that they are the insane ones for being boring! :)

  3. Ah, thanks. :)

    I have to say that you people are the reason that I blog.

    And now that I think about....most of them are pretty lame.


  4. They are so not right! They're the crazy ones!

    I had sent you an email about sending you something. Is it okay for me to send it?

  5. Please do. I have just started reading my postings....I will get there shortly.


  6. Well, Frog Queen, I think I feel the same as you... For the next few weeks, I started to see that my work place is way too serious. Everyone is stressed to deliver the websites on time (which almost never happens by the way). It seem like they forgot they are human and that they need to laugh and have fun a little bit... At least the walls on my office is green instead of beige... :-) My coworker do think I am crazy to spend so much time on building my haunt for next halloween. Well, I may be crazy but I don't care and I like it that way!

  7. I'm free! I'm free!

    I do miss receiving an allowance every other week but

    I'm free!

    (sigh) I can't say I miss those ugly walls - what color were they? Institution grey with a hint of pink and brown?

    Awe yes, the serious demeanor of the fellow co-workers. It's like they are walking zombies or something. Not all of them but a number of them are just lumbering zombies - bland lumbering zombies to be precise.

    "Mmmmm, filtered water. Must have filtered water..."


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