Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A good reason

to go to Chicago is for the Halloween Art Exhibit. We meet Scott Jackson the producer (and a talented artist) of the event when we were at Hauntcon. He had a booth area set up with a sample of work from many very talented artists.

Upon talking to him, we found that this is the 10th year of the exhibit. They have a great site you can check out all the great artists that are part of this event. They have a membership that gets you all kinds of goodies and helps support the events.

One cool thing was to get to see a print version of the famous and much loved Deanna Morton as Lily Munster poster. It was used in a poster for the event a few years back. It is an amazing photo. Very cool, she does Lily very well. :)

He said that they are always looking for artists, so if any of you out there are looking for a place to display your Halloween themed art. Contact him through the website. We plan on referring a couple of our friends over there.

Hope someday to see the exhibit.....but it is in October, so the chances are pretty slim :)


  1. One more reason to go back to Chicago. This . . . and that amazing popcorn on the Magnificent Mile!

  2. I wish I was closer so I could go. Great links, thanks.


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