Sunday, May 17, 2009

Would anyone want

copies of the last three years of the Davis Graveyard DVDs? (cause I have a closet full :) )

I was trying to think of something to offer Hauntcast as a giveaway on their show, and I was coming up with nothing that I think a haunter would want. The Mitchell's gave away one of their books....I don't have anything near that cool :(

I want to offer them to Hauntcast as a giveaway on their show....but, honestly, we have sold, maybe a dozen (total) over the years, so I cannot imagine that anyone would want a set.

I do have some Davis Graveyard coffee mugs.....and I probably could come up with a shirt or something if I dug through the basement.

But really? Does anyone want one???!?!

I think I will contact some vendor friends and see if they will donate a prize or two.


  1. I bet you people would want a mug. The DVD requires someone to be a fan, but the mug could be appealing to more people.

  2. I think spooky friends would be interested in the DVD's, a mug, a shirt, really anything from ya'!


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