Monday, May 11, 2009

I don't understand why

but almost every haunt I have ever visited (in four years of haunt conventions) appears to have one or both of these items that drive me crazy (yes, short trip, I know):

Dot Room - You know the black room with all the colored dots and you have a person or two in there that have on a black suit with dots also. They stand very still and when you enter the room they move. Kinda creepy and disarming, the first 3 times you see the effect.

I have seen:

· the normal version (black walls with colored dots)
· the 3D version - black wall colored dots (black lighting or 3D glasses)
· the latest light version, lights in the walls and on the suit with black lighting in the room.

Why so popular? Not sure, but as a group of haunters sitting on a bus after the tours we even talk about them, so the facination comes from somewhere! I have to say that each time I enter one, all I want to is get the hell out. They annoy me. I believe it is because they are so unoriginal.

I know that many people LOVE them, so if you want one for your haunt, I found this great article online at Haunted Attraction magazine written by the lovely and generous Deanna Morton.

Whenever talk of Dot Rooms comes up I am always taken back to a talk back with Cydney Neil of (famous, but now defunct) Rocky Point Haunted House in Utah when she spoke at the last Haunt X. When she was asked what people liked about the haunt she said with a laugh. "I don't understand it, with all the other things in the haunt, everyone loves that friggin Dot Room." Which is sad when you think of all the amazing detail that went into that haunt!

Next is.....

Vortex Tunnel - Oh, these make me crazy!!! Yes, it is . . .hummmm. . . I don't think it would be right to say "scary" to be off balance. Interesting is probably a better word. Maybe if I was 12, I would think otherwise, but I (who is obviously in the minority) find them tedious. :)

Versions I have seen (many of them more than once):

  • White lights that look like stars
  • multicolored lights
  • Black light dots
  • Black light swirls and drips of paint
  • Bricks
  • Dots with glass on the wall you are (facing) walking towards. (This is the coolest effect, because you feel like you are going on forever.)

The famous genius that is Scary Terry, has a great project walk through if you want to build your own. It is a little complicated, but probably worth the time and effort to add to your haunt (unless of course I am walking through it :D )

I have heard several ways to get through them without leaning to the side (for no reason other than your brain is being betrayed!) and the best way I have found is: gauge the length of the room, close your eyes, walk a few steps and open them every few steps just to check your distance- repeat until you are through. Finally -

The only thing that could make a vortex worse is when the next room is a Dot Room :0


  1. I always remember the "vortex room" effect from "The Six Million Dollar Man." It was part of the Universal Studios tour, and was large enough to drive the tram through.

  2. I think I remember that from going there as a kid. Completely forgot about that!!! Now, that was impressive. Not scary, but it was interesting :)

  3. For the record, I can't stand either of those effects, either, and it boggles my mind every time I see someone on the forums talking grand plans to build one or the other for that year....

    Having said that, I applaud your blog skill, by stating a distaste for something, then providing links to those that don't find them so annoying. Shows your true love for the haunt, and the haunter.

    You m'dear, are a class act. :D

  4. I HATE the vortex! It makes me sick...literally. I have to close my eyes and feel my way through.

  5. I agree completely. I don't see the "spookiness" in either of those effects.

  6. Thanks everyone for sharing my tastes.

    Always happy to share. Scary Terry makes great stuff, always willing to support haunters.

    Recently met Deanna Morton, and she is very lovely and generous, so glad to share one of her many contributions to the haunt community.



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