Wednesday, May 27, 2009



want of these cool new fog chillers from Froggy's Fog.

It is a modified subzero freezer.

It is $799 before shipping!! (and that is the cheap one!!!)

Ah, a bit out of my budget right now.

BTW - I talked with Chris at Hauntcon and don't for a minute think that you can just by a $300 freezer, paint it black, and drill a hole in the bottom to vent the fog out. They already tried that.

Nope. You will hit the freon tubing.

Froggy's had a custom freezer made with an area on the bottom corner that has no freon tubing. The custom built freezer is what increases the price.

Chris said that they really wanted to to hit the $300 - $400 price point, and were disappointed that they could not make it work. But they are happy with this new chiller.

I just picked up some more Swamp Juice (the best fog EVER!) I am going to save my pennies (and dimes and nickels) so I can get a chiller next year!!


  1. Isn't it depressing seeing the wish list get bigger and bigger cuz' of all the things we can't afford? :(

  2. Now, that is a very cool fog chiller! I don't think I can buy this right now either... maybe in a couple of years. I think I will buy fog juice from Froggy's Fog this year. But I'm not sure which one I should buy... Swamp juice or freezer juice? What I want to achieve is a low laying fog that clings to the ground.

    Hauntcast just released their podcast with your interview. I'm downloading it right now, I will be listening to it at work this afternoon.

    Have a good day!

  3. If you are not on a busy street, I would use freezing fog. I hear it is better for sticking around than swamp juice.

    I live on a very busy street, I cannot have the fog drifting over and causing an accident. :)

    Yikes! The podcast is out!!!!

  4. Thanks for the details about which fog I should choose. I guess I will have to go with the swamp juice. My street is not that busy but there is not very much lighting and there is a lot of trafic on Halloween night. I don't want the Halloween of any children coming near my house to end badly. A good scare is cool but safety is more important.

    The interview was great! I was wondering how you fix your tombstones on the ground so they can resist to the wind. You answered to that very question. I will listen to it again to make sure I really understood everything. That's the curse of not being totally bilingual, my english reading skill is excellent but my listening and speaking skill still need some work.

    Have a good evening!


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