Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hauntcast Part 1

I just heard my podcast from Hauntcon on the latest Hauntcast!!

I talk faaaaaaaaaaast when I am nervous :)

Had a great time talking to Chris and even hooked him up with the legendary Leonard Pickel, editor of Haunted Attraction Magazine and the man who puts on Hauntcon.

Chris is a kick to talk to - he made all my inane babble sound like I was making at least a bit of sense. Had a fun time chatting with him over the last weekend as we were trying to find the best time to call. He was genuinely surprised at how many people listen to his podcast. I told him we all love it. He mentioned that it had crossed his mind to censor it a bit, I told him no way! We love it! Don't change a thing!

So that was part one. Part two is when Jeff and I both talk to him next week when we talk about the Davis Graveyard.


  1. I love that podcast! Can't wait to hear the interview :)

  2. I've never heard a Hauntcast. I'm listening right now and it's deliciously creepy so far!

  3. I love Hauntcast! I listened to all of them and they were just great! I didn't listened to HauntcastC 6.5 yet but I should be doing this tomorrow.


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