Sunday, May 17, 2009

You always want

what you cannot have.

That does not explain why I dreamed last night about a place I have never seen? Last night I dreamed I was walking through this castle on holiday - I have never been there.

I wanted to go to this castle. This is Roslin Castle (yes, that is the correct spelling)....far less famous then it's much smaller sister, Roslin (Rosslyn) Chapel.

The last time I was in Scotland we went to Roslin Chapel.
Funny, we love Edinburgh and have been many times, and never visited the castle or chapel until our last trip.....I have to say, mostly because of the book.

As amazing as the chapel (truly) was (is) I have to say that I am still haunted by the fact that is is as close to the castle outside the chapel that I could get. It was closed to the public when we were there.

So I stood, on an overcast Sunday, in a picturesque glen outside of Edinburgh, looking out from a beautiful graveyard outside of the chapel viewing these ruins. As absolutely amazing as Roslin (Rosslyn) chapel is, I kinda of forgot about it all as I stood in the graveyard, in the shadow of this angel monument, looking at a place I could not go.
I wanted what I could not have.

Since the castle is far older, I doubt it would have any of the some amazing features as the chapel, but I love castles....and mysteries. It has a great history, like the castle at Loch Lommond - Urqhart Castle (famous for the Loch Ness Monster story) the owner of this castle destroyed (in a fire) the castle rather than loose it to the enemy.

Just like I would have done! :)

It is no for let (rent) as as holiday (vacation) location. I hope someday to see it.
I just bet it is haunted :)


  1. Hopefully it'll be open on your next trip. I love old castles as well . . . and Edinburgh. It's high on my list of places to re-visit. I wasn't aware of the castle or chapel when I was there. Wondering if it's been closed to the public because of the attention generated by the book.

  2. Did someone say "haunted"? I'm all over it!

  3. I don't think is a castle in Scotland that is NOT haunted :) One of the reasons I love the place :)



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