Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Guess what these are for?

The red envelopes underneath might be giving it away :)

This is the annual frog queen folly for Christmas. I have been doing this for way too many years. I have decorated 40+ small Christmas trees, made "boxing day" boxes, designed and printed calendars.....this is likely the start of the frog queen follies. :)

Since on the card, I used a photo we took last year during the snow, of snow on a pumpkin that was still in the yard, it inspired me to make my own pumpkin seed packets to include in the holiday cards. This year husband helped my cut, fold, glue and fill 60 packets of pumpkin seeds and cut and fold all the cards.....this one just might be a Davis Graveyard folly :)

Now you can grow an official Davis Graveyard Jack O' Lantern pumpkin!

I say nothing says Merry Christmas like pumpkin seeds! How about you? :D


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