Thursday, December 10, 2009

It is freezing

actually it is below freezing out there!! I have been home with a cold for a few days wrapped up in warm comforters in my PJs and drinking herbal tea, I thought I was miserable in the house....then I went to work.

Walking from the house to the car was painful.....ran the heat full blast all the way to work....and then I had to walk from the parking lot to my office.....I think I got frost bite! I can barely feel my fingers.

I am supposed to go watch Christmas ships over a a friends house out on their deck overlooking the river. I think I will stay inside and watch it them from the window :)

I was reminded by someone that a week ago this Friday is when Portland got a snow storm that lasted almost two weeks. It was a nightmare for the frog queen who misses the sunny weather of Southern California!!! I got used to the rain....but I will never get used to snow!! Fortunately, just snow. I like it that way.

Anyway, speaking of snow. Here is a picture of Calvin and Hobbs from last year in the snow. It looks great for the display, but . . . . that is about all it is good for :)

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  1. STW - Dixie...that white stuff is ......that is is from the devil in case you were wondering. :)

    I don't like it here either....gotta move....soon before it happens again :D

    How is Texas...and do they need some more snow fearing haunters :D ?


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