Thursday, December 3, 2009

Question of the Day

Here is today's question for getting another entry into the big drawing. What issue of Haunted Attraction magazine was the Davis Graveyard featured?

A special prize to anyone (the first person) that knows all three issue numbers that we had an article featured . . . . wow, I don't even think I know that . . . . :)

BTW - you need a subscription to Haunted Attraction Magazine....really you do. :)


  1. one is issure 52, I think in 51 also... but that's all I got :(

  2. Oh oh, maybe it's issure 48 also

  3. "The Davis Graveyard was the featured Home Haunt in Issue #51 of Haunted Attraction Magazine so if you want to read the whole story, learn more about their event and see some of their fantastic photos in high resolution, make sure you pick up a copy of #51 today!"

  4. Ehhhh PHOOEY! *kicks the dirt*
    You got me on this one! I see you in 51, but the other issues don't have descriptions, and I dont have a subscription! (Thats too many "riptions" in one sentence, LOL.)


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