Monday, December 14, 2009

It is always the simple

things that get the most attention. We were going through our video footage to create our video for the Haunters Video Awards and we both marveled on how the simple pieces often outshine the big props.

Take our latest ghost effect. We use projection material for several of the ghost effects, but since this needed to be about 30' wide, that would be too expensive, so we needed another plan.

How about just black backdrop fabric?

Hum, can't see why that would not work....lets give it a try.

After a bit of sewing (by our lovely Elyssa) and some cabling from the house to the shop (thanks Dan) we made a larger 30' wide screen across the back of the graveyard.

And then filmed Max, Gabe, Lex, and Cane in white clothing running in front of the background. Then it just needed a bit of film editing in Pinnacle by husband.

Once it was created we then put a projector behind the "Goodbye" tombstone and voila! Ghost effect!

It was very, very creepy.....we were all surprised how good it looked. It was a happy accident that because you could see through the fabric to the back yard made the ghost effect more believable than a solid black background.

So here is how we stored it every night. Just grab it pull the fabric to the house and tie it up with a black ribbon. Very high tech, huh? :)

Much easier than the trial that was the Skeleton Angel and a lot more people noticed it! I would say that there is a lesson to be learned here.....but I doubt I will ever stop making complicated props that are hidden in the back of the yard....I will never learn :)


  1. Very, very true statement. My husband's cow skull prop took literally 20 minutes to create and it gets the MOST compliments out of any of our props. It drive me insane... and he LOVES it! =) LOL =)

  2. I think this was a hit in part due to the fact that your hubby was able to extract an element of whimsy to the ghost children. So they were eerie without being offensive and it appealed to the youngsters!


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