Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Things that do not work

to distract the cats from the Christmas tree.

Yelling at them when they go near it. Does not work when they claw the furniture, why would I think it would work now? :)

Squirt water at them when they get too close to the tree. Although always fun, in this case it can backfire tragically. A cat sprayed with water first, jumps in the air and then runs away. Sounds good, but in this case, they jump into the tree and then try to run under it.

The sound of crashing ornaments usually follows, and if I am really lucky, the tree does not fall over . . . . .again.

I have been known to tie the tree to the wall with fishing line.

Should the tree not fall over giving me easy access to the cat.....then more crashing ornaments and a whole lot of colorful language as I try to wrangle the cat out from under the and I are now unhappy and devoid of any holiday spirit! :(

Put lots of presents underneath it so they cannot get under it. No matter how many presents and how well I stack them....they find a way.....

At this point, I am not above locking them in the basement for the month of December..... :)


  1. That's why I use PLASTIC ornaments!!! Not as pretty, but saves with the clean up.... they usualy bounce across the carpet, and all I have to do is hang it again.... and NO TINSLE on the bottom of the tree....tinsle is like sprinkling cat nip on the tree! giggle But we love them anyway!!!

  2. I wire all of my ornaments to the tree =) My little demon can bat at and pull on them all he wants and they stay put! =)

  3. I gotta say how very much I enjoy your blog! not only does it make me smile most of the time--it also has me REALLY laughing out loud as well! (the cat stories are hilarious--have 4 cats myself). So, thank you so very much for the humor--the smiles and laughter your blog brings-----just priceless!!!

  4. Cayenne Pepper! Sprinkle it below the tree and then when they lick their paws they think "Holy S**t, whatever is over there burns, I ain't going back!"

  5. wahahhaha squirt water at them? seriously, you do that? :P poor cats!!!


  6. LOL!!! Mine are now less interested in sleeping under it since I pulled the fleece tree skirt back up (Hubb's idea) but they're still chewing on the dang thing like there's no tomorrow. (Fake tree also Hubb's idea!) LOL!

  7. Hi Frog! I want to wish you happiness in this great holiday season. As 2009 closes out, I wanted to tell you that I like your blog because each post is always fresh and different. Every time I see an update in my blog roll, I know that I am abut to read something sincere and interesting. That's what keeps me coming back to FOTP every time you post. And it also helps that you are pretty kick ass blogger friend as well. Take care!

  8. I hang bells on the bottom branches--that way, when the presents aren't there, I can hear the quadripeds (canine and feline) messing around.

    Yelling works for the dogs, but you're right--the cats merely turn an annoyed glance my way.


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