Thursday, December 3, 2009

My favorite

holiday movie used to be Scrooged (and Die Hard....still one of my favorite Christmas movies :D )
If you have seen the reaper with the TV in its head in our display, you will know where the idea came from :D

It didn't age too well, but I will never get tired of seeing Bill Murray (or anyone for that matter) get hit in the face with a toaster! Cracks me up every time.

So, that was my favorite until a few years ago.

I have to say I was a bit worried when I heard the news that they were making The Hogfather into a movie....
I mean this could be a complete disaster, a bit like the original Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy (not the one that came out a few years ago...the series from the 80's). I know there is a certain charm to it...but I really did not want that BBC charm/cheap to come anywhere near this story

or any story by Terry Pratchett.

When I heard that Sky was going to do The Hogfather as the first film adaptation of a Pratchett book I was not sure what I was feeling.....anticipation mixed with a lot of fear..... it went something like this....

Oh goody, finally a Pratchett movie!
Oh, no, someone is going to *&^% up a Pratchett story.

Oh, goody, it is not an American film maker (I just don't think they get British humor)
Oh, no, I just had a Hitchhikers flashback

Oh, no, it is from Sky and not BBC very confused.....can barely keep from falling over....I feel happy and scared about both sides at the same time.

Then there is the fact that Rupert Murdock (one of the owners of Sky - not the literal sky...but I imagine that is only a matter time) may very well be the devil, or a close personal friend. :)))

This also, good and bad....maybe he stuck a deal with the devil to make the best movie ever, anything is possible, right?
Then I keep remembering that this is guy that created Fox News :D

As I go back and forth in my head I think it would just be better if I just left his works to my imagination....I am not going to watch it (cause it is not coming out in the US as a major release anyway.)

Then it happens. It gets great reviews!! Shite!

I have to find a way to get it here in the states. That is why I love and my multi-region DVD player :D

I order it shipped overnight from the UK months before it airs here in the US.

If husband would have told me it arrived...I would have left work early to come watch it.

I have to say I love it. I just love it.

It is everything I could have hoped for in a Pratchett movie!!

I mean there are a few things that bother me....not completely in love with who they chose for Susan, but I can live with it. With repeated watching's she is growing on me.

But what I really liked is that they did not over explain things. If you have not read the book (or any Discworld book) then some scenes might be a little odd. But as an avid fan, I am thrilled that the details were there (the rats were a perfect example.) Thanks for showing us fans some respect, you don't get that from film makers much these days. :)

And although you cannot fit all Terry's wonderfully funny bits in one movie....I think they did a good job, and his cameo is very sweet, he seems to genuinely be enjoying the project.

If you are a Halloween fan,you should see this Christmas movie.....a movie with the Grim Reaper (Death) playing Hogfather (Santa Claus) perfect is that?! :D

This promo is a bit long, but worth watching.

Happy Hogswatch everyone!



  1. Ive never even heard of THE HOGFATHER, will have to add that to the netflix que!

    I have always been a die hard CHRISTMAS STORY fan, I love it to death and have my fondest holiday memories watching it yearly hours on end with my grandma. I still havent seen SCROOGED all the way through!!

  2. Ya know we never finished watching it last Christmas.

  3. I rented it last year and loved it! Great flick.
    I, too was horrified and excited to find a Pratchett movie. I was so relieved!
    Now, if only they would do, "Guards! Guards!"

  4. I actually bit torrented this when it first premeried in the UK and loved it on the little computer. So when I found out it was coming out on DVD I was ecstatic.

    I think they handled all of the characters with a love (though I didn't care much for Susan but I never really like her). Teatime scared the crap out of me with that high voice of his, and Death was loveable.

    Even Nobby and Visit in their short cameos were awesome.

    I did also catch their version of Color of Magic and uh that one is not so good. (though pratchett get's the best cameo as the philosopher who says "Things just happen, what the hell.")

    But I have high hopes for Going Postal that they're filming now.

  5. You summed up my feelings for this movie perfectly! I had the same exact trepidations as you did concerning the film. It wasn't too bad considering it had to compete with the characters in my head!

    I've read so much of Pratchett's work that the books all start running together. It's got to the point that I can't remember which books I've read. I've got several copies of the same book because of that! I REALLY need to start cataloging my books, because the dusty filing cabinet in my head is not working so well anymore.

    Now, someone make a movie of Mort!

  6. We love Hogfather!

  7. LOL! I always tell people that Die Hard is my favorite Christmas movie too. I love to see the shock on people's faces until they realized that technically it is a Christmas movie even though it was released in the summer. Good stuff!


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