Monday, December 7, 2009

Where did she go?

Yeah, didn't mean to disappear, but it just kinda happened :)

This weekend included

Drove up to Seattle
Saw a play at Seattle Rep
Drove back to Portland
Umbrella Parade
Attended a Naked Lady Party
Designed my Christmas card
Dug out Christmas decorations
Put Fall decorations away
Made a Calvin & Hobbs diorama with my friends and their kids
Touched up paint on Christmas display
Put up grim reaper and scrooge tombstone
Cleaned out (part of) the garage
Storing sister-in-laws furniture in the garage

Notice that "drawing a winner" was not on there? Cause I didn't :)

I will draw a winner this evening and post it tonight.


  1. LOL! I was wondering if anyone was going to notice that :D

    A friend does this cool party where us ladies bring in our gently used clothes and put them out for each other to pick from.

    Since there are no guys around, we can all change into the clothes right there in the room...hence the title. :)

    Anything that is not taken, goes to a local women's shelter. Cool huh?

  2. Glad that you're back =)

    LOVE the naked lady party idea! Really wonderful =0)

    Hope to see pictures of the Scrooge tombstone.

  3. You gopt my attention with the Naked Lady part too. I know, I know...I'm scum. =)

  4. I stopped reading after "Naked Lady Party", lmao. :D

  5. Yeah I hit the brakes and naked lady party too! That is a very cool concept for a get together. I could imagine trading clothes with very many of my guy friends.

  6. Very cool and a worthy cause.
    Seldom do i miss the phrase "naked lady" ;)

  7. My first reaction was also to ask about the Naked Lady Party....
    By the way, I can't get the name of your blog out of my head. "Frog on the Pumpkin". It's just a nice thought.


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