Thursday, December 31, 2009


that is exactly how husband and I felt sitting on the couch Christmas morning after we opened up the present from my brother Tony (you remember him, that cool guy that donated the resin skulls- you know, the cool ones from Disneyland!), his lovely bride Tina and our new friend Mike.

We met Mike over a year ago at our local "haunt" (bar) when we here having dinner. He drew a cartoon picture of us and we started talking. We told him what we did and he was immediately interested in helping! Long story short, he helped this year with many of the projects for the graveyard (made the angel/skeleton wings - that prop would have never happened without his inspirational spark :) and helped with many other projects.)

So for Christmas he and my brother worked out a plan to get this astounding picture that Mike created for Jeff and I printed on canvas.

We were stunned.

When you enlarge the picture (and you should) you will see all kinds of details:

Hal (Halloween Cat) is sitting on my broom (a Nimbus 2000 no less!)
frogs on the pumpkin and on my hat
our mausoleum
grave keeper
the monks
the house
the angel
the fence
the can of black and white paint (the graveyard's signature colors)
the tombstones
I believe the 26 on the fence is for the years we have been married
Jeff has several references to the Universal Monsters (his/our favorite- as you would know from his mask collection that we display each Halloween) in his picture
Mike nicely made my body shape much smaller that it is! :D Woohoo!!! C
heck out the frog queen's rack! (pictures in the mirror are smaller(and closer!) than they appear! :D )

Thanks Mike, Tony and Tina...I love you guys!! :D

It is so cool! That is one of the best gifts ever!!! We feel very honored. (We are not worthy!!) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! Best Christmas present ever! :D


  1. That is SO awesome!! A gift of a lifetime! No wonder you are speechless, I would be too! I nearly am, just looking at all of the detail that is so meaningful to you!

    And you know what? You'll be looking at it again months from now, and notice something that escaped you before. This is the kind of gift that keeps on giving. Everytime you look at it, it will bring you a smile.

    I think that it is the perfect gift for you two, who truly appreciate such creativeness!!

  2. Ack! I can't enlarge it!! :( I wanted to search for details like a 4 year old searches a new edition of Highlights!

    What a nice gift though - very special and an absolute treasure!

  3. That is wonderful!

    You have the coolest friends :)

  4. wow--really special--I love the depiction of Hal--looks like he's actively guarding the graveyard from any and all canines!

  5. OH SUCH A GREAT PICTURE!!!!!!!! Guy has talent, and you look great!!!!

  6. How cool is that! Happy Happy New Year! :)

  7. Hello! I'm coming out of lurking on your awesome blog to with you HAPPY NEW YEAR! And also to congratulate you. See I did this "Best of" 2009 Award on my blog and named yours among the winners! Thanks for being a happy part of my 2009!

  8. phooey, I can't enlarge it either, but I bet it is just as miraculous as you have described. A treasure of a gift one word to sum up that pressie.... "SCORE"

  9. hi jeff-n chris..duh! tony just told me this post was here im glad u like the pic..i love all the comments and that u noticed the details so glad u guys like it..working on the graveyard is the highlight of my portland memories!! if anyone wants to see a better version of this or wants to commision one for someone....they can check me out at my best and i wish u lots of death ,destruction ,war and greeving in 2010!!:]


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