Thursday, December 24, 2009

"That is just a frog in a

Santa hat pinned to your sweater." She says.

(I stare back and think....) Yes, yes it is. How observant of you. "I know, isn't that cool! Can you believe I found this!"

"The dress code for today is "Christmas" themed clothing."

(In my head, I think....yes, I know, I read the memo, I actually wrote it years ago...they dust it off every year and recycle it (with one edit a this year)...and really, don't you have something better to be doing right now?)

I reply, jokingly with a smile "I know it might be a big surprise to you, but I don't own a single "Christmasy" piece of clothing." :D

"Oh, that is right, you like Halloween, you wore a skull scarf last Christmas eve, you know, that is a bit weird."

Trying to keep it light I say, "And reindeer antlers...don't forgot those! Man those hurt your head after a while."

"Yeah, and that must be your gingerbread house...the one with the tombstones and the skeletons in the front yard."

(I think, well aren't you the brightest thing on the planet.) Instead I say, "How did you guess? I put snow on the house and the yard....that makes it wintry/Christmasy" :D

She replies "I don't think you know the true meaning of Christmas and I think it is unfair that you make us have to see skeletons at Christmas time. I would say something to HR, but I don't want to cause any trouble."

I think, well that is the last team-building-gingerbread-house-competition I enter. :)

Because I am at work....I just smile and say "I see your point, sorry if I offended you, was not my intention, just having a bit of fun. Merry Christmas."

But in my mind, I plant her face right into my gingerbread house. :D

Happy Saturnalia everyone!!!



  1. You're not the only one, I don't own a single piece of Christmas themed clothing. Happy Saturnalia!

  2. I have a set of Santa head suspenders that I haul out every year, much to the appreciation of the masses.

  3. Wow...someone had a chip on her Merry Christmas shoulder! You should have waited for her outside and when she came out you should have said, "I'm in the holiday spirit smack a b****." She probably would have fainted.

    I hate when people try to push what they consider "normal" on other people. And in my experiences, they are the people with the lowest morals of all.

  4. go to the post I did about the stress release... picture HER HEAD being held under the water!!!!!!

  5. I think you work in some sort of vortex that attracts the most small minded population. Seriously.

    I'd love to spend a day there and a have a little fun with them.

  6. Geof - That cracked me up!! You are a gem!!! THANK YOU!!


  7. Oh dear. Great show of restraint! I admire it, lol! (I don't think I could've been as nice, I just don't have tolerance anymore, lol!) Hope yours was a Merry day!

  8. Since when is the true meaning of Christmas gingerbread houses and crappy sweaters? People are so bloody daft! You are a saint - I'd have hung her next to the mistletoe!

  9. ...I seriously need to be your intern next Christmas season.
    I don't mind getting fired- (I get paid regardless) but I could have some serious fun there the day you let me off the chain...

  10. Oh, I feel your pain. The closest thing I have to Christmas wear is a Happy Cephalopodmas shirt, with Cthulhu in a Santa hat.
    (word verification: stabbe. how appropriate!)

  11. Wasn't there a skeleton, some ghosts and a live Mud Man in Scrooged??? What is more Christmas than that?


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