Friday, December 4, 2009

The graveyard

really does belong to Hal - Short for "Halloween Cat".

For those who have not been following the blog for is the short version, about three years ago when we were working on Halloween decorations out in the shop this tuxedo cat showed up and stared sleeping by the fire. Yes, we build props by the fire....very cool.

Anyway, he went through several names, a couple of them not so nice since he had penitent for treating the tombstones like scratching posts. But by mid November I get a call from husband that it is too cold outside and now "the cat" is in the house.

So, "stray cat" became Halloween cat.

We just call him Hal now, and because of his great way with people, he has become the official mascot of the yard. If you come by during the season you will find him sitting on the props, watching the yard....actually more like waiting for someone to take his picture.

So, when there was a wedding in the yard, he had to supervise. I love this picture. It sums up Hal perfectly.

I can hear him thinking "What are these people doing in my yard....and who let them bring a dog?!?"

Then of course, he had to check out the wedding cake :D

Photos by the talented Marci B.


  1. Hal is so cute. I absolutly LOVE the picture of him watching the wedding =)

  2. that was so cute! I don't think he's wondering that, I think he thinking there may not be enough room to bury ALL thoes people!

  3. GAH, that *IS* a perfect pic of Hal watching on.... that is exactly as I picture him too! ;)

    I'm such a DOG person. Only YOU could make me enjoy cats this much. *rassa frassa* :D

  4. Hal fits right in! It's funny the way animals come into our lives - sometimes whether we want them to or not!

  5. Great story. I can completely relate. Although I doubt my cat would have kept such a respectful distance. He would have sandwiched himself between the bride and groom :D

  6. He's just monitoring the situation to make sure no one makes off with any of the tombstones ;)

  7. Adorable! Hal is perfect by the tombstones! Stop by my blog, I have something for you!

  8. Haha, where was this post when I couldn't remember Hal's name!?


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