Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Who is going to

notice that I have not mentioned the Davis Graveyard Energy Drink on my blog if I put one in my give away?

No, one....no one will notice.....no one except Ghoul Friday! I should have known someone would be paying attention :)

So here is the story.

I forgot to mention that I have a friend that runs an energy drink company and we had some made for the gift bags for our party.

For the front of the can, we took a photo of the yard and put the logo from our website. For the back, there are the ingredients and then I put a night time picture of the crypt ghost and the regular logo.

Came out pretty cool. I have about 2 cases left. If any of you would be interested, I can put them in our Davis Graveyard store on our website this weekend. They cost me just under $2 each so as soon as I figure shipping, I will come up with a cost, likely around $3.50 -$4.

BTW - they taste a lot like Red Bull and mixes well with Vodka (just not that skull Vodka :)

And it is going to take me until January to finally post all the stuff from Halloween that I forgot :D

Anyway....let's run two drawings at once.

Besides the big drawing (don't forget to enter that one too!), I will give away a can of Davis Graveyard Energy Drink to two different followers. Just comment on this post before midnight on Tuesday, December 10th and you are entered to win.


  1. I'm thirsty. Let's drink to it. Besides, all writers value the ENERGY! HEHEHE.

    Okay maybe I don't need it... O.o

  2. DUDE!! Err.. DUDETTE!! Those look fantastic, Im surprised he is able to create custom cans like that, but they sure would look awesome next to my Davis Graveyard soda bottles =D

  3. lol awesome. I wouldn't drink it. I'd put it on the shelf. So don't give it to me - it would just enable my pack rat instinct!

  4. Uncanny! I have a large collection of wacky cans here in Japan that I'd meaning to blog about. This would be the topper!


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