Monday, December 14, 2009


Not least for

Michael Jones and The Captain

They are the two winners in my Davis Graveyard energy drink giveaway! Congratulations guys....remember, mixes great with vodka! :D

Just email your mailing address and I will get them out to you.

I will get them in the Davis Graveyard store by the end of the week if anyone wants to purchase one.


  1. Congrats to the winners!!!

    (Hahaha, I'm trying to imagine The Captain on Energy Drink/Vodka... that is scary indeed! He's a whirlwind as it is!!)

  2. As I sit here at the computer at 11:22pm drinking the 6th and last Mountain Dew of the day, I try to imagine that exact same thing Dixie. What will my delicious prize taste like. Will I experience the irregular but oh so familiar heart palpitations I've grown so fond of, in that "oh sh!t am I dying" kind of way. Will I become addicted to the flavor and be forever ordering it via the Davis Graveyard website "Damn you for your delicious beverages!!!". I get in trouble around Jagerbombs, so I'll probably just take your word on the "Frog-bombs".

    Thank you Chris, do you need my address or do you still have it? Must sleep now, I can see my heart beat in my eyes. J/K sort of . . . . .

  3. The great news is that I won! The bad news is that now I have to get off my ass and send out the prizes that I promised my followers ages ago. (Friday is my last day. Friday is my last day. Friday is my last new mantra.)
    I have a long overdue CANS post to put together as well. This will be the topper!

  4. have fallen into my evil plan!!! MWAAAHAAA! :D



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