Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It used to be that more

people knew our house for our Calvin and Hobbs Christmas display than our Halloween decorations.

This display is celebrating its 10th year in the yard. Held up pretty well since it is made of particle board with house paint.
Every Halloween I still get lots of people asking about Calvin and Hobbs.... :D

The idea was taken from the original strip that had Calvin build the snowmen around his dads car to look like he had hit one of them and they were aghast. But we thought a car in the lawn would look a bit silly, so we just made it look like Calvin had created the scene and he and Hobbs were walking off.

In comparison to the Halloween decorations this takes a whopping 20 minutes to set up....including flood lights that is if you remember not to put them away with the Halloween decorations and have to spend 30 minutes digging them out and arguing where they are :D
Here is a picture from last Christmas that the people that were watching our house took for us. They made a real snowman in the yard....very cute

Happy Holidays


  1. Love it...Calvin and Hobbes are my favorite!

  2. And here I thought you would never have anything up for Christmas ;) you never cease to surprise me Froggie!

    PS - ILHM will be back up soon.. Blogger spambots took me down for suspected spamming.. yes.. spamming.. ugh.. going through the necessary steps for reinstallment..

  3. Calvin is a genius! I love his snowmen.

  4. Love 'em! One year when the kids were still young & we still lived in Colorado, we made a real Calvin & Hobbes 'Twisted Snowmen' scene. We had all sorts of traffic stopping to look. :0) So fun!!

  5. Next year is the "Year of the Tiger". Go Hobbes!

  6. I agree with everyone else, I LOVE Calvin and Hobbes!! What a great display for Christmas! But... but.. but... what is that white stuff all over the ground?!?! I'm not familiar with that stuff here in Texas, LOL.



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